Cookies policy

1. What are Cookies?

A "cookie" is a data file written on the hard drive of a user's computer by a website that identifies it to the user and allows him to remember it, customize his preferences or eliminate the need to fill out forms or data in future visits . It also allows a website or advertising companies to monitor the browsing pattern or behavior of users.

Users can configure browsers to warn them with an alert of the existence of "cookies" on the websites visited, or to directly prevent "cookies" from being installed on their hard drives.

2. Types of Cookies

2.1: Own Cookies - Third party cookies

- Own cookies: Those that are sent to your computer by the website itself. A common example could be a cookie that a portal sends to its users to know their preferences about which language they want to read their contents. When you select that you want to read the contents in Spanish within the portal, this will send you a cookie with your preferences. From that moment, whenever you have that cookie installed, the portal will show you the information in the language you have previously selected.

-The third-party cookies: Are those sent by other websites.

3.- Tipos de cookies según el plazo que permanecen activas

Todas las cookies se guardan en su ordenador con un tiempo de caducidad. Si estas caducan cuando abandona la web hablamos de cookies de sesión, por el contrario si su caducidad dura más tiempo se denominan cookies persistentes.

Un ejemplo de uso de una cookie de sesión se daría cuando realiza una compra dentro de una web. Cuando selecciona un producto para comprarlo se le envía una cookie. Con esta cookie en su ordenador la web puede leerlo y reconocer que usted quiere ese producto y añadirlo a su carrito de la compra. Sin esta cookie no podrá diferenciarle del resto de sus visitantes. Una vez finalizado el proceso la cookie se borra de su ordenador.

Un ejemplo de cookie persistente: Una tienda online que ve que usted está interesado en uno de sus productos podría enviarle una cookie con esos datos "a este visitante le interesan bolsos de piel" y con esa cookie instalada mostrarle banners publicitarios en los días siguientes con información sobre ese tipo de productos.

4.- Types of cookies according to the term that remain active

According to its purpose we can distinguish the following cookies.

Technical cookies: usually sent by the site that facilitates navigation through the portal. An example could be the social network Facebook. When you add your username and password Facebook sends you a cookie to identify it from the rest of your visitors and show your personal information restricted to other users.

Personalization cookies: they are the ones that keep their preferences within the portal, such as their language.

Analysis cookies: they serve to see how the visits of a web within them behave. Data such as which pages they see, how many seconds they are in each one, etc. These cookies are useful to improve the services that a portal gives based on how users interact with it.

Advertising cookies: used to personalize the advertising that a portal shows its users based on the contents of the website and the frequency at which the ads are displayed.

Behavioral advertising cookies: These cookies store the information of the users and their behavior and then offer in the available advertising spaces relevant information for them.

5. Our Cookies uses the following cookies:

Session cookies: they allow to record the data entries in the Web site. For example when the user completes a form.

User authentication cookies: They allow you to identify yourself as a registered user and allow you to browse the different contents of the Website, only for the duration of the session.

Social cookies: Used for relationships with external social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc.). Its function is to control the interaction with social widgets within the pages. This type of cookies are used in domains like, or

Analysis Cookies: They serve to study the behavior of users anonymously while browsing our website. So we can know the most viewed content, the number of visitors, etc. An information that we will use to improve the browsing experience and optimize our services. They can be their own but also from third parties. Among these last ones are Google Analytics cookies.

6.How to configure your browser to not accept cookies from our website?

If you want to configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies you can do these following links:

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For more information on how to disable uso of cookies in Chrome press here.
For more information on how to disable uso of cookies in Explorer press here.
For more information on how to disable use of cookies in Safari press here.
For more information on how to disable use of cookies in Opera press here.